Services Offered

Maryalyce Merritt is an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church.  She celebrates life and death and the milestones in between.  Travel within Dutchess County, NY is assumed, but we are happy to reasonably accommodate travel beyond that local area to include other counties in the Hudson Valley area as well as destinations within a 5 hour driving radius.  

Weddings and Handfastings

We are delighted to work with couples to create the ceremony of your dreams.  As a Wedding Officiant, we perform ALL types of wedding and handfasting ceremonies, and specialize in non-mainstream events.  We want your day to be a celebration of who you are.  Whether you prefer a spiritual or secular event; long or short; intimate or large; traditional or whimsical, we are here to help your dreams come true!  

Space Cleansing & Blessing


Blessing Way


New Baby Blessing


1st Moon Celebration


Hospital Calls

Being in the hospital can be disconcerting, and for many of us, the ministers available through the hospital are not from the same spiritual system of beliefs that we may be. We are happy to arrange a time to visit and comfort you; to pray with you, and to offer you Reiki or other healing modalities.  


We are honored to assist in this most sacred of capacities.  There are a variety of circumstances that we are able to lovingly accommodate for people in this stage of transition.  We hold space with love, compassion, and hope for the ones at the end of their lives, and we are able to Open the Light for those beloveds who are crossing into the next life.  We mourn, and we celebrate, and we honor the person, their legacy, and their wishes.  

Other Rites of Passage

We perform Christenings, Wiccanings, Baby Namings, First Moon Celebrations, Cord Cutting, House Blessings, Clearing, & Smudging.  We are here to spiritually support your milestones. 


For more information about services, rates, and travel charges, please contact Maryalyce at or call (845) 244-0844.