New for March: Chakra Yoga on Sat, Gentle Chair Yoga Wed afternoon & Sat mornings

Chakra Yoga Series


Chakra Balcing through Yoga Nidra, Asana, & Mudras


Saturdays in March and April Suzanne will be taking us on a Yoga journey through the Chakra System. 

The Chakras are Energy centers within the body that correlate to different organs, and systems.  When our Chakras are imbalanced, we may experience dis-ease, blockages (emotional, mental, and physical), and even illness.  

Each week, the class will focus on balancing a particular chakra with the flow of Yoga, incorporating movement, pranic breathing,  mantras, and mudras.  We will be incorporating Yoga Nidra with postures to awaken and balance, including some Kundalini and Hatha poses.  

If you want to continue the work at home, come see Maryalyce in the shop for a Chakra balancing kit put together with healing crystals, essential oils, and a Reiki blessing.  

This class will run the same weeks as our Rock the World Crystal Healing Certification class, and the two series are designed to complement one another with little overlap.  


3/9  Introduction to the Chakra System including asanas, mudras, and yoga nidra for balance

3/16  Root Chakra

3/23  Sacral Chakra

3/30  Solar Plexus

4/6    Heart Chakra

4/13  Throat chakra

4/20  3rd Eye Chakra

4/27  Crown Chakra


There are 8 classes in this series, and it is priced the same as our yoga classes.  We suggest purchasing a 10-pack ($135 card) to cover the series.  That will bring your cost down to $13.50 per class and leave you with a remaining class you can choose to take whenever).

These classes are appropriate for all levels and abilities.  Chair modifications will happily be worked in as needed for those with mobility issues.

Pre-registration is suggested.  (845) 244-0844

Yoga and Barre Classes at Akasha's Journey

Something for Everyone

We offer different levels of Yoga from Beginner to Advanced to Private lessons.  We have morning, afternoon, and evening classes; restorative, chair Yoga, family classes and much more!  We also offer Barre classes. 

Benefits to Yoga include:

  • Increase strength and flexibility
  • Improves balance
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve posture
  • Improve breathing
  • Increase blood flow
  • Decrease stress and tension
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps with digestive problems
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Improved cardio vascular health
  • Regulates adrenal glands
  • Drains lymphs and boosts immunity
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Develop body and self-awareness
  • Improved mood and emotional regulation
  • Increased attention, focus, and cognition
  • Improves relaxation
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence
  • Helps manage pain
  • Develops spiritual connection
  • Promotes overall healing and self-care
  • Promotes other healthy lifestyle choices
  • Develops stress management skills
  • Increased mindfulness

Amazing Instructors!

We carefully select instructors who will work with you on your level and help guide you to your goals

Multi-class Discounts

The more you buy, the lower you pay!  We have rates for single class drop-ins, 5 packs, and 10 packs.  We also offer reduced rates for new students. 

Class Descriptions


Foundational Yoga (with Suzanne)

This class is designed for those new to yoga or for those who want to focus on their foundational technique. Learn to connect to your body through classic Hatha yoga poses. Explore the flow of prana with an introduction to sun salutations. Your breath will become your guide as you learn to practice asana safely, energetically and spiritually. 

Vinyasa Yoga ( with Suzanne)

Through the anchor of your breath, flow through this moving meditation. We will begin by connecting to our essence with breath work, followed by finding our center with core engagement. Building heat with functional movement, sun salutations and hatha yoga poses, we will move energetic blocks and develop strength, balance and fluidity. 

Slow Flow (with Suzanne)

Through mindful awareness and intention, find grace through the balance of effort and ease. Steep through postures as you delve deeper into the connection between your breath, movement, and stillness. Relieve tension, develop body awareness, and activate your body’s innate ability to heal. 

Restorative Yoga (with Suzanne)

Relax and unwind in presence with your being. Let your body activate its parasympathetic nervous system to bring you into a state of rest. Open up energy channels through extended engagement and exploration of supported postures. Hold the space for the wisdom of your body to surrender in acceptance and release. Class concludes with a guided meditation.  

Own Your Power Hour-Strength, Lengthen, & Flow (with Suzanne)

Find your power to inform your yoga practice through exercises which utilize your own body weight to develop stability and strength. Then allow your muscles to lengthen and your energy to flow as we move through our asana practice. A great practice to connect to your body and focus on specific muscle groups to enhance your practice’s form, stability, and depth. 

Young Yogis (with Suzanne)

Give your child the gift of yoga. Through breathing, balancing, and stretching through poses, children will learn body awareness and develop self-regulation. Children will also develop their attention, self-awareness and self-care through the exploration of yogic principles. Classes with a family member will help foster connection, communication and support. 


Chair Yoga (with Suzanne)

Utilizing the structure of a chair, explore seated and supported poses to gently yet effectively stretch your body and expand your breath.  Through the chair's stability, create fluidity and feel your body's energy.  A great Yoga option for those seeking a gentler and supported technique to move through asana.

Zen Yoga (with Suzanne)

Fully connect to your mind, body, and spirit through different yoga techniques.  Beginning with breath work we will move through Hatha poses, sun/moon salutations, and close with restorative poses and a meditation.  Crystals and/or aromatherapy are often incorporated to enhance your self-care experience.  Enhance your energetic balance and fluidity, relieve tension, manage stress, develop body awareness, and connect to your highest self.  Appropriate for all levels.

Zen Yoga for Teens (with Suzanne)

This class is the perfect space for teens to practice yoga and mindfulness.  Students will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, and meditation exercises to both strengthen and calm the mind and body. Music, crystals and aromatherapy are incorporated into the practice to encourage reducing tension, developing awareness, self-acceptance and confidence. Learn both physical and mental self regulation skills to last a lifetime.  (Appropriate for ages 13-18)

All Level Vinyasa Yoga (with Deb)

Appropriate for beginners and all levels!  This class is designed for those new to yoga or for those who want to focus on their foundational technique. Learn to connect to your body through classic Hatha yoga poses. Explore the flow of prana with an introduction to sun salutations. Your breath will become your guide as you learn to practice asana safely, energetically and spiritually. 

Private Lessons

Whether you want to work on some techniques we haven't listed or have an injury that you would like to work on therapeutically, or just prefer a one-on-one lesson, our studio and instructors are available for private training sessions.  Contact us for more information.

Senior & Veteran discounts available

Semi-private and small group lessons available.

Birthday parties available!

Make sure you complete a registration form and waiver. 


Barre Classes (with Suzanne)

Tone your entire body with a low impact, high intensity Barre class! 

Barre combines movements from ballet and Hatha yoga to develop strength, flexibility, as well as improve posture and body alignment. Movements are designed to build strong, long and lean muscles through small range of motion, isometric strength training. Using primarily your own body weight as well as hand weights, blocks, balls, and a ballet barre, training targets the arms, thighs, seat and abdominals, and your entire body benefits. This method is highly effective and results are seen quickly, including weight loss, increased strength, confidence and self-esteem. 

¨ Develop strength and flexibility

¨ Lose weight and tone your body

¨ Improve posture and body alignment

¨ Build strong, long and lean muscles through small range of motion, isometric strength training

¨ Training targets the arms, thighs, seat and abdominals, and your entire body benefits

¨ Develop confidence and self-esteem

¨ Highly effective and results are seen quickly


Instructor Bios

Suzanne Kaphan, MA, LMSW, RYT-200


Suzanne was first introduced to yoga as a teenager and has been practicing and studying yoga throughout her life. She studied elementary education at Boston University and taught inner city youth as well as children with special needs. She then completed a dual masters degree in Developmental Psychology and Clinical Social Work from Sarah Lawrence College and New York University. 

Following working with dually diagnosed children and young adults in residential care, Suzanne pursued learning about mind/body modalities to healing. With a strong desire to incorporate the physical body into cognitive work, wellness education and human development, Suzanne completed her yoga teacher training. Other mind/body practices she has studied include therapeutic horseback riding, barre, the Alexander technique, and somatic experiencing.

Suzanne’s goal in teaching yoga is to create a safe, open space for people to inhabit their bodies fully, experience the vast expansion possible through breath, share tools to develop strength physically and therefore mentally, and support others as they move through the journey of the embodied self. 


Deb Proscher, RN, RYT-200

Deb is a motivated Yoga Instructor with a foundation in Hatha Yoga, with her lineage in Iyengar. She teaches all levels of students and different styles of yoga, such as Vinyasa, restorative, yin yoga, and alignment based classes. 

As a professional Registered Nurse she understands the body on a physical level and as a yoga instructor and student she understands the body on a spiritual level. Combining these two healing modalities she enjoys inspiring others to improve wellness and fitness. 

Deb is currently enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training for 500 hours Certified Yoga Instructor and she is also a Certified Yoga Instructor 200 Hr through the Yoga Alliance. 


Don't forget to complete the yoga class waiver!

Please return this to us via email or print it out and bring it to your first class!

Yoga Waiver & Release Form Akasha's Journey (pdf)


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