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Maryalyce (Akasha's Heart)

Maryalyce offers...

In person or distance readings & healing sessions by appointment:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Reiki Healing
  • Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Tuning Fork Therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Aura Readings and Analysis
  • Astrology Charts & Natal Interpretation
  • ...more

$50 per half hour

$100 per hour

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Healing Modalities

Maryalyce owns and operates Akasha's Journey in Dover Plains, New York.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher, IET Master Instructor, Crystal Healing Master Instructor, Level 3 Tuning Fork Therapy Practitioner and Instructor, RunValdr Practitioner, AromaTouch Practitioner, Herbalist, and SilverSneakers Credentialed Instructor.    


Maryalyce offers Intuitive Readings using many different divinatory methods.  Drawing upon a variety of tools, Maryalyce will intuitively decide which divinatory method will resonate the best with her clients for that particular reading and which will give the best insight.  She reads many different modalities including Tarot, crystals, oracle decks, palms, pendulums, mediumship, i-ching, medicine cards, and a bunch of others.  


Maryalyce is an Ordained Interfaith Minister who is naturally intuitive and clairsentient. She first began reading Tarot & Medicine Cards 22 years ago. Over the years, her journey has led her to learn and teach many different healing modalities. As she has done so, she has found that she is meant to offer this guidance and healing to others through readings, private healing sessions, healing sessions, spiritual gatherings, and instruction. By using Energy Healing in conjunction with readings, she can provide enlightenment & guidance along your life’s Journey. She channels the gentle, healing energy of the Spirit Guides, Angels, and Deity to assist fellow travelers in uncovering blocks that need to be released so that true healing may begin. This guidance and realignment of energy helps her clients to be more in tune with their personal truths and life paths. As part of her healing ministry, Maryalyce offers all sessions for humans & animals. She also officiates weddings and other Rites of Passage. 

Willow Diana

Willow Offers...

  • Psychic Tarot readings
  • Mediumship
  • Reiki
  • Healing Henna
  • Tuning Fork Therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Shamanic Healing

$55 per half hour

$110 per hour

4pm -6:30pm on the Fourth Tuesday of each month

Healing Modalities

Willow is a teaching Reiki Master Practitioner, Tuning Fork Therapy Level 2 Practitioner and instructor, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Herbalist, Shamanic Healing Practitioner.  She offers Healing Henna by appointment.  Willow has also studied Integrated Energy Therapy.  Willow works on humans and animals.  


Willow offers psychic Tarot Readings and mediumship sessions at Akasha's Journey.


Willow is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient Psychic Medium. She reads tarot as well is a channel of Spirit. She offers 1/2 and 1 hour reading sessions in person at Luna Enchanted on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

Willow has been reading over 20 years. She is an Ordained Minister & Spiritual Consultant Reiki Master/Teacher-Integrated Energy Therapy( IET) Practitioner- Crystal Healing-Tuning Fork Therapy Practictioner/Teacher- Etheric Reconstruction/Psychic Surgery Practitioner/Teacher-Hebalist- Healing Henna Aritst -Psychic Tarot Reader And Paranormal Investigator. ~ Young Living Essential Oils Consultant.

There is a “knowing” out there that sometimes she cannot explain, …. We are taught beliefs that conflict with our inner instinct. Our Inner self .This can create imbalances and dis‘ease,. Willow went out to learn, heal and evolve. Many teachers,helped her to “remember” her way. Gaining new perspectives, healing spiritually, and transforming.

With her tools , spirit guides and ancestors she can assist you ,as you navigate in this lifetime.~

Willow Born a Cancerian ~ The nurtuer and mother of the the zodiac~ Her strong desire to help people has lead her on a magical journey.

Over the years she has studied Witchcraft, Wicca, Native American Shamanism, and many other spiritual beliefs, Muny Ki, Tarot, Crystal healing, Tuning Fork Therapy, Plant Medicine, Essential oils, Meditation, Runes , astrology and The paranormal.

She also is Ordained Minister In the Sanctuary of the Beloved in the Order of Melchizedeck, And the Universal Life Church.  

Shaine Amour

Angel Lights Spiritual Healing

Evidential Mediumship Readings connecting you to your dearly departed loved ones through Loving Spirit.

$50 per half hour

$100 per hour

3pm - 7:30pm  one Friday per month and available for phone readings by appointment.

Mediumship Messages

Mediumship readings provide healing through hope when dealing with the loss of loved ones.  Shaine connects with dearly departed souls on the other side and shares evidence presented, along with messages of loving guidance to provide healing validation that they continue to be with us in Loving Spirit, even after their physical passing.

Together, you and Shaine will engage in a heartfelt, inspiring conversation with beloved souls in Spirit, serving to bridge the communication gap between the living and the departed...healing through hope. .


Hi!  Medium Shaine Amour here.  I connect with dearly departed loved ones on the other side and share evidence presented, along with messages of loving guidance to provide validation that they continue to be with us in Loving Spirit, even after their physical passing.   

Step out of fear and into love......find healing through hope, from my heart to yours.  

Michelle Lorenzo, MA, LMT

Michelle offers...

  • Psychic Tarot Readings
  • Ancestral Bone (Throwing) Readings

$25 for 15 minutes 

$50 for 30 minutes

$65 for 50 minutes

Available for phone readings from 12pm - 8pm on  Mondays and other times by appointment. 


Ancestral Bone Readings:  Join Michelle in working with the ancestors to help you resolve conflicts, remove blockages, and move forward on your path to personal fulfillment through a contemporary form of the ancient art of bone-casting. 

During this session, Michelle will focus on your questions, call in the ancestors, and throw various bones and curios into a woven bowl to read and discuss the personal messages received for you. 

Tarot Readings:  Using the Tarot as a divination tool, Michelle will use her Psychic abilities to convey inuitive impressions and personal messages she receives for you. 

By focusing on your questions, engaging in discussion, and using these techniques, her readings will help you resolve conflicts, remove blockages, and move forward on your path to personal fulfillment.  

Healing Modalities

Michelle uses her eclectic education and skills to empower others to enhance their own growth and wellness by teaching Reiki Level I, II, & III certificate classes as well as workshops on topics such as Psychic Development, Dream Interpretation, Stress Management & Relaxation Techniques, Self-Hypnosis, Energetic Connection, and Reflexology for Self-Care, at locations in the Catskills and Hudson Valley.  


Michelle has a deep commitment to using her psychic ability and education in psychology, massage therapy, Reiki, hypnosis, and genealogy to assist herself and others on their path of personal growth and well-being. 

Michelle is also available for Tarot Reading "parties" for 5 or more participants.  (Each attendee will receive their own individual reading).  Contact Akasha's Journey to inquire (845) 244-0844 

Indira Calmer Wind

Indira offers...

Intuitive & psychic readings and guidance.

Indira habla espanol y ingles. 

$50 for 20 minutes 

$75 for 30 minutes

$125 for 60 minutes

Available by appointment for phone readings.

Readings by Appointment

Intuitive Reader with Strong Empathic, healing abilities, compassion and the pure love that guide her to bring peace and solution to your life path. Indira inspires people, so that they learn how to enhance the use of their own intuition for a better way of living.
In this she assist you in achieving your answers and goals.

Her experience comes from many years of seeing many people, working and helping with many who have been traumatized through their struggles.  Indira assist those on the path of healing as a Seven Ray Master and by creating oils and the use of aroma therapy to alleviate traumas and imbalances in one life..CalmerWind's intuition connects with your Higher self and helps you bring true clarity you may desire.

Indira (calmer wind) mark has been made through the loyalty of many repeat customers, who have benefited tremendously from the assistance and advice she offers.
Calmer wind continues to rise among the best in the Intuitive/psychic phenomena in the industry.
“”When on your life travels, remember, a path is choice which one can use the power of Their intuition to change.””aché

Indira offers readings by phone by appointment.