Reiki Classes


Reiki Level I

6 Classes, 4 Attunements

Healing Ourselves


Reiki Level II

4 Classes, 1 Attunement plus 8 week internship

Healing for Others


Reiki III Master Teacher

4 Classes, 1 Attunement

Healing for Groups

Teaching Reiki


Reiki Continuing Education

Additional Symbols

Gokkai Blessing Ceremony

Reiki for other than healing

The Five Principles

Reiki By Donation

Our way of giving back to the Community.  When our Reiki students learn Level II, they must complete an internship and community members are invited to receive Reiki by donation of whatever they can afford

Healing Circles

Rock The World (TM) Crystal Healing Certification


Rock the World Crystal Healing Level I

12 Weeks + 3 week internship

Learn in depth how to to use crystals in multiple aspects of healing.  You will be taught how crystals work, what applications to use them in, and contra-indications.  You will learn about each stone we use, and also delve very deeply into the Chakra system.

$500 includes text book, 60 stones, and 300+ page manual

Rock the World Level II

Rock the World Level III

Integrated Energy Therapy


IET Basic Level

IET Intermediae Level

IET Advanced Level

IET for Pets

Healing Angels of the Energy Field

Steps to Transformation

Tuning Fork Therapy (TM)


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4