June 22, 2015

Basic Behaviors & Minding Manners
Maryalyce Merritt, ABCDT
For Dogs 16 weeks & OLDER
6 weeks, 90 minutes per class.
Using only positive reinforcement training methods, this class is designed to teach you and your dog how to more effectively understand and communicate with one another while building trust and a love of learning. Humans will work on: teaching their dogs behaviors and manners, fostering communication, reading their dog’s body language to help avoid problems and issues, appropriate handling, & developing attention skills. Dogs will learn commands such as sit, down, stay, wait, loose-lead walking, recall, off, drop it, leave it, settle, plus learn to focus their attention. The first week is just for handlers (no dogs). Please bring proof of up to date vaccinations to the first class. Materials: Flat collar or harness (no chain or choke collars), 6 foot cloth or leather leash (no ropes or flexi-leashes), paper towels, & small plastic bags to clean up any mess. Classes will be held outside. Please bring a towel or cushion for your dog & a chair for yourself, water for your dog, and lots of small pea-size training treats.

The cost for this class is $125 & requires pre-registration no later than 6/15/15 (845) 729-8999 Class runs from 6/22-8/3.

June 24, 2015

This 3 part class will explore our relationships to money and mindset about abundamce. We will explore what it means to be in right relationship with our finances, what we are doing to block it's flow, and how to attract more prosperity both financially and personally. This class can be taken in person and online. Please specify your preference when signing up. The investment for this class is $55, payable in weekly installments. For more info, contact me akashasjourney@aol.com, text or call (845) 729 8999

June 27, 2015

I am calling on our extended community to rally together to help one of our favorite people. While this event is being planned, Bernadette is in the middle of moving her awesome shop, and while that is an exciting new adventure, there are also some very challenging details that must she is having to deal with. While there is no doubt that Mama B will handle everything with her usual grace and positivity, she could really use the support of the community as she deals with a stressful and expensive unforeseen circumstance. Unfortunately that obstacle is presenting a financial strain through no fault of her own. (No details being posted for privacy, and I am asking that no one shares those details on this event post). We have an amazing opportunity to be of help...Big help...HUGE HELP... to someone who has helped all of us in one way or another.

On Saturday, June 27th, Akasha's Journey will be hosting an all-day FUNdraiser for Bernadette and Brid's Closet.

We are going to be showing an outdoor movie at 8:30, so bring a lawn chair and a blanket. Concessions will be available for your snacking pleasure :)

We will also be having a Silent Auction, and we are looking for donations of items so we have a wonderful variety of things for people to bid on and oogle over.

We have room for approximately 16 vendors and we ask for a $15 donation per space for vendors, readers, or healing practitioners. We will also have a large tent for classes, entertainment, or just chilling out. If you'd like to present a class, we're open to that.

General admission is $5 donation per person and includes the movie ticket and access to all of the vendors plus any classes or activities that may get scheduled as we manifest this beautiful day!

We tend to have a very relaxing space over here, and we are very honored to be able to share it with you. Please join us for the day, have a good time, do some shopping, unwind, and take in a movie.

RSVP is strongly suggested so we know how many people we need to plan for.

The schedule is going to look something like this: 8am Vendors can set up 10am Open to the public 11-4 Classes (maybe) Movies will be shown at dusk.

Please contact me for more information or to register: Akasha's Heart/Maryalyce Merritt cell/text (845) 729-8999 akashasjourney@aol.com

Paypal address for vending space and pre-registration is akashasjourney@aol.com or Akasha's Journey 191 Poplar Hill Rd Wassaic, NY 12592

This address is also the event address. Akasha's Journey is a home-based business that is based out of a private residence. We are a very short cab ride from the 10 Mile River Metro North RR Station (1 mile down the same road).

Rain date is 6/28

For anyone from afar wishing to ship items for the auction, please ship them to: Akasha's Journey Maryalyce Merritt 191 Poplar Hill Rd Wassaic, NY 12592 NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED. (Rural residential area & the carriers know us very well) We will be able to organize & inventory the items if they are all here & don't have to be transported multiple times, and send proper thank yous. If you would like to contribute directly to Bernadette at Brid's Closet, please contact Bernadette or myself for that paypal email address.

Thank you so very much for your love and support for this amazing woman.


July 2, 2015

Under the full moon we will gather to give and receive healing. These full moon gatherings are facilitated in our swimming pool. As water is a wonderful conductor of energy, they are an opportunity for profound growth and healing. This summer's dates are: 7/2 7/31 8/29 We ask for a $10 energy exchange which assist with maintenance of the healing area.

July 3, 2015

Join us for a 4 day crystal healing intensive where you will be immersed in the healing energies of our crystal allies. We will begin Friday morning and work through Monday evening learning about stones and how we can use them for ourselves and others. This is a special format of our Rock The World Level 1 Crystal Healing Certification Class and all who attend the entire weekend and complete all classes and requirements will earn Level 1 Certification in the Rock The World healing modality. The cost for the entire weekend is $555 and includes 3 meals per day plus use of the swimming pool. We have plenty of space for tent camping on the property.

Please contact me with any questions & to obtain a registration form. (845) 729-8999 If we have adequate attendance, I am open to anyone who would like to set up small vending areas at no extra charge. I am offering this to help offset your costs. Our retreats have run very successfully with very lovely and flowing healing energy.

July 10, 2015

Join us for a heart-healing weekend where we will be calling upon the energies of the Angels, Mother Mary. We will be working with Crystals and sound healing vibrations that open and heal the Higher Heart, Soul Star, and Earth Star Chakras to discover how to walk more securely in our truths. We will be working with Metatron and the Akashic Records, and Sandalphon and Earth Star, and spending time with the Ascended Heart that connects them. We will begin with a guided meditation Friday evening and we will be setting the sacred space for our weekend journey. The cost for the weekend is $333 and includes 3 meals on Saturday plus brunch on Sunday and use of the swimming pool. Attendees are welcome to set up a vending area at no extra charge should they wish to try to offset their costs for the weekend. There is plenty of room for tent camping on the property. I am happy to answer any questions. Please contact me for a registration form. (845) 729-8999

July 24, 2015

Join us for a weekend filled with the healing power of sound. We will gather Friday night for a healing meditation to start the weekend, and spend Saturday immersed in different types of sound healing modalities. We will discuss and work with a variety of healing modalities including drumming, tuning forks, singing bowls, chanting, and more. The cost for this weekend is $333 and includes 3 meals on Saturday plus brunch on Sunday and use of the pool. There is plenty of room for tent camping on the property. I am happy to answer any questions. Please call me for more information and for a registration packet. (845) 729-8999

July 30, 2015

Reiki is a profoundly effective healing modality that uses Chi or Universal Life Force Energy to heal the body, mind, heart, and spirit. In Level 1 Reiki, students are introduced to Reiki energies and learn to how to incorporate Reiki into their own healing journeys. Reiki is extremely safe and is considered a complementary healing modality. Reiki lowers stress, can help with sleep patterns, is greatly beneficial for chronic illness as well as boosting the immune system. Reiki 1 will be taught in 5 classes with 4 Attunements which open students to the healing process and facilitate healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The cost for this class is $111 and includes comprehensive written materials and other tools. Scholarships are available for veterans and seniors. Please inquire if you're interested. A $50 deposit is required to hold your space, due no later than 7/15. Please contact us with any questions akashasjourney@aol.com (845) 729-8999

August 7, 2015

How about a double feature of Fern Gully and Avatar? Beginning in June, we will be showing outdoor movies during the Summer months. These movie nights are fundraising events that will be contributing to the healing center being an approved CE provider for other practitioners to earn CE credit for our classes. Popcorn, sweets, and beverages will be available, and we will have healthy snack options as well! Bring a lawn chair and a blanket! Admission is $5 per person or $10 per car load. RSVP strongly requested so we know if we will be running that night. We put a lot of time & effort into set up and clean up. Half price admission for anyone who helps us set up and clean up.

September 2, 2015

In Level 2 Reiki, students are taught how to use Reiki on other people and animals. In this level the Reiki symbols are given through an attunement and students participate in an internship that instills confidence, hones technique, and gives back to the community. At this level, students become Certified Reiki Practitioners and can work on others. They also learn how Reiki is sent over distances to heal others when they are not present. Reiki 1 is a prerequisite The cost for this course is $222 and includes comprehensive written material and supplies. A $100 is due by 8/15 and payment plans are available. Scholarships are available for veterans and seniors. Please contact us with any questions Akashasjourney@aol.com (845) 729-8999

November 5, 2015

Reiki Level 3 Master training
Students will learn how to teach Reiki to others, what being a Reiki Master really means, how to create grids to send Reiki to multiple recipients over a distance and so much more. The prerequisites are completion of Reiki 1 and 2, and students must know how to draw and work with the symbols taught in Level 2. The cost for this class is $333. A $100 deposit is due by 10/15 and payment plans are available. Scholarships are available for veterans and seniors. The cost includes very comprehensive written materials as well as supplies. Please address any questions to Akashasjourney@aol.com (845) 729-8999